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Ryan relocated to Mongolia in April, 2011 to work as a microfinance fellow focusing on increasing access to higher education for Mongolia’s poor.  Born and raised in Colorado he now considers Seattle to be his home base back in the US; at least that’s where his bikes live, alone and neglected.  As an avid traveler, and believer in the power of properly administered microfinance to assist the world’s poor in climbing the economic ladder, Ryan is excited for the opportunity to live and work in Mongolia.  A beautiful country with an enduring nomadic culture it will serve as a welcoming, and constantly beckoning, backdrop for the next 9 months.

Ryan hopes to build Vittana’s student loan product to reach 2500 new students for the upcoming school and leave behind a sustainable, an scalable, product that will assist future Mongolian students for years to come.

Additionally, Ryan is diving head first into experiencing Mongolian culture and exploring the countryside.  From developing a taste for the local milk tea (with salt!), to traversing the vast Asian Steppe to ride camels in the Gobi Desert, and race horses with the Eagle Hunters of the far west, the expansive, rolling countryside is constantly calling and threatening to tear him away from his work in the capitol of Ulaanbaatar.

This ongoing battle will just have to be Ryan’s burden to bear while in Mongolia.  Let’s hope he can handle it.

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